With the Swallows - Following the playful inner artist child

I remember this day... I was lying down with no hope and I saw this vision of birds flying over a tree. There has never been a time where I felt so low and so unable to life. All my worries seemed too big, too frightning, too shameful. The birds were a message of hope, like a voice telling me "you are my child and I want you to fly". This voice likes to speak to me through birds and they became a very important symbol to me. 


Actually when I startet to paint my 6th playful flower painting I didn´t think of swallows. I actually just thought of flowers and patterns. I started scetching in my scetchbook. I had this idea with mosaic and flowers round shapes and geometric shapes... Klimt is very inspiring for me. He uses kind of different shapes, organic shapes, flower images and geometric shapes. At the beginning I didn´t have a very detailed scetch. I really wanted to give my inner child room to play.

Following the gentle voice of the inner artist child...

There were times when I was a bit unsure... Unusure about the backgound, shapes, tiles, colours. I always tried and when I got stuck and didn´t feel happy with the outcome I usually left it a bit, looked for inspiration, got back and continued another time. When I got stuck I reminded me of taking a break rather than forcing a solution out of a very frustrated place. Sometimes I sit with a painting and listen to the inner artist or make scetches...


At the beginning it took a while until I got into a creative flow. I followed the voice of my inner artist but there where times I really felt stuck and unsure where my inner artist wanted to take me. There was a moment when I asked myself "What do I really want to make here?" I realized that I couldn´t quite answer this question. The only thing I could do was leaving this question and listening to the quiet voice of my playful inner child. 



When half of the painting was finished (I started as usual at the bottom), I felt more secure and started to see the bigger picture. Then the swallows appeared before the blue background flying from right to left. I intuitively felt that´s the right place for them. The swallows create movement and give focus to the painting... Suddenly I had this "aha" moment. All the paintings I painted are for my playful inner child and I felt like "Oh wow, the swallows also resonate with my playful inner child!" It´s like my inner artist child kind of found all the puzzles and I felt it´s kind of coming together. 


I often write Expression-texts to my paintings. Expression texts are intuitive texts like a stream of consciousness. Here is the one for "With the Swallows"


"See me flying with the swallows. Over the mountains we fly. There is no boarder, no wall, no restriction. The wind is following us, moving us, playing with us. All I see is the moment. The sun shines."


For me the swallows express hope, joy, playfulness and freedom. All my Playful flower paintings are for my inner child that loves to be creative and play around. Being playful is a message that my art often conveys. Personally I often felt that we are so trained to not give ourselves room to play and that this is a cause for many problems in the world. It´s not that we are here on this earth for very long. If we allow ourselves to play more we become happier, healthier and more peaceful people. Wars are not created by people who enjoy themselves, who are content and peaceful inside. That´s why I think we all would benefit from having more play in our lives. The study of Dr. Stuart Brown says that if people allowed themselves to play more there would be less crime and violence! I absolutely believe this study and this is what my painting is about: The playful inner child that is in everyone of us and that is healing the world. 


Let´s give room to our playful inner child. The world needs it!

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