What does creativity and art mean to me?

Why am I creative? Why do I paint, play the harp, write?

Why is expression so important to me?



I would like to share a few thoughts ...



In my life I often experienced situations in which I had the feeling that I couldn´t really express myself.  No matter what I said no matter where I went. This feeling knocked on my door again and again and made me very sad. 


 This feeling often came up when I felt somehow separated from myself. When I could not pronounce or live my own truth. My creativity has always been an oasis that helped me to feel myself again. A place where I could really be "myself". Free, playful and in the moment...


We are all unique!


I did not want to play a role or adjust myself so much until I no longer feel myself. The truth is: We are all unique! My creativity helped me to be more of myself in all areas of life. For me, creativity has always been the key to myself, to my inner source and wisdom. Even as a child I loved the creative play. Somehow, however, I felt that it is not easy to preserve this childlike creativity and that I need to protect it from a world that does not seem to understand much of it (at least this is what I have experienced in my life).



I believe that many creative people today feel a mission. The mission to open the eyes of people.  Our culture (through marketing, etc.) has taken creativity and the magic of it from the hands of the people and made something special out of it. Something that makes certain people stand out and better stays hidden from others. 


In my opinion, the art world, as we know it today, has lost contact with the world and people. Art has always been part of life. Art played a role in clothing and everyday life. At ceremonies and celebrations. Art was not merely an object in a sterile space. Art has helped people



to learn,

to grow

and to understand.

The media shows us a kind of art that has moved away from the human being and has nothing really important to say. Many people are wondering why some artists are standing in the limelight when they obviously are not doing anything that really makes sense. We are sold a rather strange picture of art. A picture in which artists are either great idols or are labeled as crazy and strange.


But what actually is art?


For me art is more than a picture or a piece of music. For me an artist is a person who thinks freely, expresses himself and wants to work in harmony with his soul. People who look behind facades and are free from the emotional-mental-social pressure of society.

People who follow ideas, find solutions, inspire and embrace their uniqueness are all artists for me. Whether they paint, draw, write or do nothing of that. Art can be expressed in many different ways. Now I have already found the right word. All people who express their uniqueness are artists for me. And because each person is unique, there is also an artist in every human being!



Yes, I really believe that creativity is an experience of mankind. An inner voice, an inner feeling that can be trained and developed and is an expression of the soul.

I believe that artists (the real, free thinking, organic ones) have an important role today. Over the centuries, Western culture has moved more and more towards adjustment and homogenization of the masses, and has led people more and more into consumer-oriented  binding tendencies. Many people long to free themselves from different social constraints and to be able to create their lifes more freely. Artists can encourage people and lead them into meaning and depth. To a place where people get back in touch with themselves.

What do you think?
What does art mean to you?
Do you see yourself as an artist?

I'm looking forward to your comment!


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