Live your Expression - Painting


Do you want a painting that shows your soul-home?


The LIVE OF YOUR EXPRESSION - Painting or "Big Picture", conveys who you are on a canvas and supports you to live your UNIQUE PERSONAL EXPRESSION.


With this offer, I would like to make people aware of their unique EXPRESSION and encourage them to live more of themselves.

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To find out who we are is not narcissistic. If we know ourselves and find our true home we no longer look outside to find meaning and value and our connections to the world and the people around us become real and creative. I want to remember people of who they are and encourage them to live their EXPRESSION. 


Because we are born unique! 



That's how it works



We arrange an appointment for a personal meeting or a Skype meeting. I will ask you a few questions and get to know you and your personal expression. If the picture is a gift for someone else, I ask you questions about this person to get a picture of her. 


We discuss all important details and exchange a contract.

Then I go inside of me and make a picture.



Thanks, dear Katharina!


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The painting is very precious and delights me at every sight! Thank you <3 I sent a picture of it to my best friend, without explaining how it was made and she was blown away. She said that is 100% me. You did that very nicely. She said you could even take it as a poster (it's almost too personal, but it's so beautiful and expressive that it could be a beautiful poster). Thank you from the heart!


The painting is very good for my soul. It takes me where my soul is at home

and has it nice and good.



There are three sizes to choose from


15 x 15 cm 20 x 20 cm 40 x 40 cm
 59 €  82 € 165 €

On request special formats are also possible.


Are you interested in a LIFE OF YOUR EXPRESSION - Painting?

Contact me without obligation!


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