"A place to be" - A mixed media painting for the divine feminine

One day I had this idea to paint a painting for the divine feminine. 

I was interested in the fact that there are female and male qualities on this earth and that we need both to be balanced. 

Male qualities like being active, having visions, achievment are very much celebrated in our society. When someone reaches a goal or someone is the first in a race this is celebrated. It´s about winning, achieving...

female qualities are compassion, sensitivity, empathy, trust - more soft qualities. It´s obvious that we celebrate the male qualities in our society more. 

Actually we often experience pain when we live our female qualities. "Don´t be so sensitive!", "Don´t trust or you get used.", "don´t be so emotional!"

What happens is that there is a collective wound and that we quite suffer from not having a balance between yin and yan...


As long as we value utility more than beauty there is no equality 


A spiritual teacher says that the female is like the flower on this earth. Some people say flowers are useless and remove them from the garden. Beauty is valuable but we value utility more. We value mathematic more than creativity. As long as we value utility more than beauty there is no equality. 

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Dancing Symphony - 5th painting of the Playful Flower series

Keep exploring...


When I started with the 5th painting of the playful flower series I was still very inspired by oriental patterns. It was a time when I made my first henna tattos and I just wanted to keep exploring oriental shapes and forms.


I wanted to keep the lotus flower as it is an important symbol for me. I read that the lotus flower grows out of mud. This made me think of situations in life when I thought I am lost in the mud and nothing good can come out of here. For me, the lotus flower is a beautiful sign of transformation. In our live there are these periods in which everything seems very hopeless. In such situations, the lotus flower can be a sign of hope, showing us that even in the mud something beautiful can grow.


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Painting Release - Live your Expression for my aunt

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With the Swallows - Following the playful inner artist child

I remember this day... I was lying down with no hope and I saw this vision of birds flying over a tree. There has never been a time where I felt so low and so unable to life. All my worries seemed too big, too frightning, too shameful. The birds were a message of hope, like a voice telling me "you are my child and I want you to fly". This voice likes to speak to me through birds and they became a very important symbol to me. 


Actually when I startet to paint my 6th playful flower painting I didn´t think of swallows. I actually just thought of flowers and patterns. I started scetching in my scetchbook. I had this idea with mosaic and flowers round shapes and geometric shapes... Klimt is very inspiring for me. He uses kind of different shapes, organic shapes, flower images and geometric shapes. At the beginning I didn´t have a very detailed scetch. I really wanted to give my inner child room to play.

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5 beliefs that keep us from being creative

What´s the significance of art in our society and what keeps us from leading a more creative life?


As a child it is easy to be creative. Children that grow up in a good environment can play for hours and be creative without any expectations from others. Later it´s not that simple anymore. Few people grow up in an environment in which their creativity and artistic endeavors are greatly strengthened or promoted. So it can happen that many people are afraid to recognize their interest in creativity and pursue it.


Because it suddenly feels selfish ...


But is that true?


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