Painting Release - Live your Expression for my aunt

I was just coming home for christmas when the telephone rang. It was my aunt and with a smile in her voice she ordered a "Live your Expression" Painting. 


My aunt is a special person. We are all special, we just hardly are remembered of who we truly are. The sad thing is that we come here on this earth and the world is like "Ok, we don´t need you really, you´re just here to work, you are not special, not valuable." And then we start thinking that we need to be "right" in order to be loved and valued and get what we need when acutally all we want is to be as we are and be loved as we are. 


With my "Live your Expression" Paintings I want to remind people of who they are and what is meaningful to them so they can connect with themselves and their true home. 

In a world where we easily loose connection with ourselves I think it can be very healing to create spaces where we connect with our spirit, our true home. And I am convinced that knowing ourselves and finding our true home helps us to find meaning and value within us and to build real and creative connections with the world and the people around us. 

Before I start with my Live your Expression paintings I talk with the person, I want to get to know the person. I have a few questions that I ask. I want to know the favourite colours, what is the person interested in, do they have a special animal, place, thing etc. they feel connected, what´s their favourite words, quotes... Then I go inside me and feel the other person and create from this place. 


My aunt told me that she wants two paintings with the colours red and yellow. She mentioned her dog, her house, the garden and angels.


At the beginning I just intuitively put actylic colour on the canvas. Like with all of my Live your Expression paintings I wanted to work with mixed media. What made me feel a little insecure is that I wanted to try something new but my idea wasn´t fully develped. I wanted to cut out leafs and flowers and use that as a stencil for my painting. At the beginning there was a slow progress. I wasn´t sure where to start, how I can create this effect that I had in my mind. 

I was sitting and working as usual by the easel but I couldn´t stay there and I had to go to the table. One reason for that was that I found it easier to work by the table where I could put the stencils on the painting without having to fix them. 


At the beginning I often wasn´t in the mood of painting but I didn´t wait until I feel like painting and my experienced self reminded me that the mood of painting often comes while painting. It was also my experienced self that started to use tissue paper for the flower patterns which really helped me to create the effect that I had in my mind. 


And yes, good ideas come while painting! My initial idea was that the angels are around the house but than I got this wonderful idea to paint two of them in front of the house holding those hearts in their hands. It was at this stage of the painting that I got into some kind of flow. There was also this idea of the full moon that resonates very well with my aunt that likes full moon rituals. 


Everything in life comes to me with ease, joy and glory. 


That´s one of my aunts favourite sayings.


I am so happy I could paint this painting for my dear aunt. May it bring her ease, joy and glory! May it create a space for her where she feels at home and where she feels meaning and value. May it always remind her of her unique expression!


Finding our true home within ourselves is so healing, so powerful!


Art has the power to create a space of meaning and value. With my Life your Expression paintings I want to create something outside that helps people to get inside and find their true home within themselves. 


Let´s celebrate more of who we are and Live our Expression. The world needs us! 


I am looking forward to painting my next "Live your Expression" Painting for a special person.

Maybe for you? If you want to have your true home on a canvas just write me an email

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